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Your postpartum lifesaver! Mama Strut will help you hold it all together with our postpartum brace, developed by and for moms. Naturally heal your body with complete care that combines compression, heat and ice therapy, and a sleek design that helps you be mobile so you keep up with life and baby.


  • Comfy And Discreet Built In Shorts
  • Fits Under Your Clothes
  • Machine-Washable Liners That Save Your Underwear
  • Adjustable Under Truss Straps For That “Falling Out Feeling”
  • Compatible With Abdominal Ice/Heat Accessory Pack, Lower Back Ice/Heat Accessory Pack, 3″ Extender Bands And Postpartum Pads
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From the moment I put on my Mama Strut I felt relief. Not only was the pain gone but standing and walking was so much easier. My focus went from what was throbbing and the falling out feeling between my legs, to my baby.
Tammi F.

About Mama Strut

The visionary behind the Mama Strut is Jill Bigelow, a serial entrepreneur, finance professional, USC MBA (2007) and mom of three – ages 10, 7, and 4. After giving birth to her second child in 2011, she was frustrated that her hospital’s solution for her pelvic discomfort was ice in a rubber glove, gauze underwear and pain medication. After scouring both the medical and maternity markets, Bigelow was surprised to discover there was no singular product that truly addressed all her physical ailments as a new mom. With her entrepreneurial spirit she set out to design a product for modern mamas that helped them heal their bodies from the physical damage of pregnancy and childbirth.

In 2013, her prototype was classified by the FDA and in 2014, she celebrated the launch of her company PELV-ICE™ and its first medical device of many, the Mama Strut™. After years of research and development, Jill became one of Mama Strut’s first users herself in 2015 after the birth of her third child.