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Pregnancy is stressful enough, let Mama Strut help you take a load off with the support of our patented pregnancy brace. Fully adjustable to your body with flexible heat and ice pack inserts, get natural relief where you need it so you can spend more time planning for your little one’s arrival and less time trying to find a place to sit.

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Welcome to postpartum life and motherhood! As your body changes, Mama Strut Postpartum Support Brace will be your lifesaver. From the moment your bundle of joy arrives, our revolutionary brace provides relief and support for your growing body in ways never experienced before.

Soothe aches and pains without sacrificing mobility with a design developed by and for moms. With cutting-edge compression technology, Mama Strut helps you heal naturally with heat or ice therapy based on your individual needs. Our discreet wrap design also won’t restrict movement or hinder activities like holding your baby close or other everyday tasks.

No need to feel like you’re missing out when it comes to the playtime fun either -- stay active, safe, and supported for the best postpartum experience with the help of Mama Strut. Whether you’re chasing after timeless memories or getting back into exercise safely, our postpartum support helps makes both possible with complete care that includes comfort and protection.

Say goodbye to your worries while expecting and hello to feeling like yourself again before you know it! Push through this life-changing period with confidence as one of millions of empowered mamas who have trusted Mama Strut back into their pre-baby routine today!


  • Comfortable and discreet built in shorts
  • Fits under your clothes
  • Machine-washable lines
  • Adjustable truss straps for that “falling out feeling”
  • Compatible with abdominal ice and heat accessory pack
  • Compatible with postpartum pads